Property Cases

In order to have the understanding of property cases, one should know what is property? Property is something which belongs to or with something, it can be movable or immovable or it can also be physical or person’s estate. Although we cannot properly define the meaning of property with a word. An owner of the property according to the nature of the property has the right to consume, alter, share, redefine, rent, mortgage, sell or exchange his property. In short an owner has the right to use his property the way he want.

There are three broad forms of property– Private Property, Public Property, Collective Property.

Now let’s talk about property cases, the cases which deals with the property are called property cases. When there is some dispute regarding property, it becomes property cases. To deal with the cases of Property there is a law called Property Law, Transfer of property act also deals with the cases of property and these cases comes under Civil Law within Common Legal System.

In Civil Law there is a division between movable and immovable property. Movable property consist of personal property and immovable property consist of property which cannot be moved from one place to another such as real estate or real property.

The concept of possession also developed from legal system, according to which the person who is having possession of a particular property even as a wrongdoer is also having right to take action against the person who is interfering in the said property unless the person interfering demonstrating a superior right to do so.

In concluding this article we can say that property cases is a vast topic to discuss, it includes all type of properties and many laws which can be used in the cases which related to property.

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