Copyright Infringement

Infringement is derived from the word Infringe which means break a law or an agreement. Copyright law provides some important right to the copyright holder like, right to re-work, distribute, and edit the content or work. The use of copyright material or content or work without the approval or permission of copyright holder or owner is called Copy Infringement.

Copyright Infringement means that using the copyright material without the permission of copyright owner.  A copyright holder can claim the Infringement as a “theft”. As per Indian law, copyright infringement doesn’t mean of actual theft, where a person exercises one of the rights without taking any permission of copyright holder.

If any person uses the copyright content or material without the approval of owner or registrar or in breach of law does any following actions will cause Infringement:-

  1. Sell, or hire for profit.
  2. By the way of trade exhibits in public
  3. Distributes it for the purpose of import or export.

Copyright Infringement is prohibited use of copyright data covered by the copyright law, which breach any of the copyright owners’ rights. Copyright Infringement is the act of violation of copyright owner rights.

If any of the activity is performed by an entity or person or business, then they are accountable for prosecution under copyright laws in India.

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