The Patent is a bunch of important rights given for any invention, the process that resolves the problem or providing the solution, and development. Patents are not just concepts; they play an exceptional, practical role in day to day life. By rewarding ideas, research, patents, encourage the development of innovation and new techniques or technology.

India has the largest pool of talent and technology; it’s also the largest sector of trade and commerce, which always focus on patent registration. Below is the process of Patent registration in India as per the Patent Act.

  1. Search the patent is eligible for registration or not.
  2. Fill the documents with all the legal documents.
  3. Documents and application are sent for examination and then it is published in desired journals, where it will keep for some specific time or duration to face any opposition of the same.
  4. If there is any opposition then patent owner shows the evidence and taken an approval of the same.
  5. Then again you have to restart the process with all evidence and proof. If it is clear then concern authority will give approval or it will reject the same.
  6. After successful approval then you will get the certification of the patent.

In this complete process of patent registration, you should be focused and careful while observing all the needs and supplies of the expert.

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