Filling of Copyright

Process of registration of copyright in India includes the application with complete details is filed. Then the application is examined, if any objection are raised the process also includes clearance of objection. In case where no objections are raised, certificate is issued by the Copyright Registration Office. The process of obtaining the certificate of copyright in India takes about 12 months.

Following documents are required for copyright registration:

  • Full Name, Address and Nationality of Applicant & that of the author The year & country of first publication of the work
  • List of countries where the work has been published and the year of publication
  • The year & the country of last publication
  • If the author is deceased, the date of his death
  • Six copies of the work Power of Attorney


Registration of the work is not necessary but it is highly recommended because such registration is helpful in an infringement suit. Barahami Legal Services are one of the eminent service providers for filing of copyright.

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