Opposition of Trademark

To avoid any opposition it is better to conduct a trademark search at its initial stage. The purpose of search is to determine the uniqueness of the brand, and its similarity to other, per-existing brands. Our service of trademark registration also includes Trademark Search. We provide most reliable search report to our clients as soon as possible. Trademark objections and oppositions are increasing day by day.

Opposition means the objection by any individual or third party whose rights are infringed. A Trademark may be opposed on various grounds like it may deceive public, identical/similar to earlier mark, devoid of distinctive character and many more. Generally the following persons can oppose the registration of Trademark:

  • The owner of an earlier Trade mark application or registration having a similar Trade mark for similar goods.
  • A person who has used the same or a similar Trade mark prior to the client, but who has not sought registration of the Trade mark.

Barahami Legal Services is a complete solution for any matter relating to trademark. Our wide range of services also includes service for Trademark Opposition.

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